6 Simple Exercises to Help You Release, Re-align and Re-energize

Oftentimes, we find ourselves holding a certain position with our bodies for an extended period of time, for example, during intense meetings at work, in long car rides, doing household chores, holding our children or focusing on our smartphones or computers.  This can cause our bodies to become tight, fatigued and out of alignment.  I have a simple solution for you!  I have created a series of six simple exercises that I have taught to hundreds of people to help them find relief.  They are simple, and the best part is, it only takes about two to three minutes to do them all!  

Perhaps you have your “go-to” exercises to help you feel better.  Keep doing those!  And maybe add a few of these into the mix to keep life interesting. Give these a try, and please share with others!  More people being intentional about self-care=more people thriving and enjoying life to the fullest. 

Grab your kiddos and join me in this video where we can do them together so you can see really how simple and effective they are. Your body will thank you!

Building upon this, I encourage you to try out my free Crunchless Core 20-Minute Workout. Twenty minutes is all you need to give your core the care it needs to allow you to keep performing well and feeling great in all your roles.