empowering mothers to take care of themselves first so they can embrace motherhood wholeheartedly

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Holistic wellness coaching AND exercise instruction for mothers of all stages- from pregnancy to many years postpartum


About Me

Hey there!

I’m Brooke Campbell. I’m a small town Wisconsin girl who knew since early in high school that my career would always be in the realm of helping people to move more and experience the amazing benefits of exercise.

I have had the pleasure of training with Brooke for the past couple years. I was drawn in by her easy-going manner and then by her knowledge around fitness. I really like how she looks at the body as a whole and includes nutrition, sleep, and stress/mental health in to our sessions. I have also seen Brooke for wellness coaching and always come away feeling more informed with new techniques to apply to my life to help me on my journey to better health. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with Brooke on my fitness and overall health goals!

Annette Lund

One of the bright spots that kicks off my week is Brooke’s Motivation Monday emails! I love Brooke’s words of encouragement and inspiration. Her words also have a way to keep things in perspective in our high pace lives. Thanks Brooke, and keep your emails coming my way!

Mike Bechtold

I met Brooke two years ago after struggling with a medical condition and decided I needed to get physically fit. I had no idea along the way I would learn more then being physically fit. Brooke has taught me through fitness the amazing benefits of mental and spiritual health . One of the best things I have taken away from  this journey is the importance of self care.  The best thing about Brooke  is she can relate to all women as she sets a well balanced example.  

Heather Mason

When I found out I was pregnant I knew wanted to keep my body strong as best I could. Connecting with Brooke was the best decision I made to do that! Consistent workouts with her kept me feeling strong in my changing body. This led to mental strength for me during my pregnancy, birth & now post partum! My doctor mentioned how strong my lower abs/ core were when I was 9 months pregnant & then again at my 6 week post partum appointment. All thanks to workouts with Brooke!”

Lexi Olschlager



Grab these free resources

Crunchless CoreWorkout

This workout was specifically created for pregnant women to safely strengthen the deep core muscles outside of the traditional method of doing crunches. This is also great for all mamas who want to learn how to strengthen to the core while enhancing posture which gets thrown out of whack by overuse of computers and phones and by holding our children.

Kindness for ParentsRecorded Meditation

Find a quiet space and listen to this 10 minute recording that will calm your mind, relax your body and help you feel like as a parent “you’ve got this!”


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30 Day Self-care Guide

Develop the habit of daily self-care with the help of a 30 day printable tracker with different suggestions for self-care activities each day. This tool will give you great reminders for what actually counts as self-care (things you might already be doing) as well as new ideas that may just be the ticket to you feeling better so that you can give your best self to your family.

body confidence

Presentation: What is Self-Care and Why Does My Life Depend on It?

Learn why self-care is so important and how to create a solid plan for prioritizing it. Get several ideas for what actually counts as self-care and learn Brooke’s best tip for people who think they don’t have time for self-care. 

Access to a growing variety of 100+ onDemand classes led by Brooke. Intended for moms who would like expert guidance on exercises most beneficial to restore strength in the core while also improving strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. Brooke does her best to make it fun and enjoyable!

virtual Exercise Class membership
Virtual Exercise Class Membership- Sign up today so that you can exercise in a way that feels amazing and is effective, fun and efficient!