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You know self-care is important but let’s face it, you struggle to fit it in because your schedule gets filled with work, activities for you and the kids, and other things you’ve dedicated yourself to because you are a high achiever. You yearn to be pro-active about maintaining or improving your physical fitness in the safest and most effective way because you don’t have time to do exercises that are harmful or ineffective. You want solutions that are not overwhelming but instead are fun, safe, effective, efficient and if possible, as an added bonus-social! If this sounds like your story, I am here for you because I am WITH you on all of these feelings mama!

I have listened for years to my friends and clients who are moms struggling to embrace the joys of motherhood because they are not feeling their best. Mom guilt is a real thing, and unfortunately, that is what hinders so many of us from taking the time for daily self-care. That is not how it is supposed to be. You are meant to live a life where you feel successful in your many roles, but part of that success is understanding that everything has a season.

Fit Mom Connection exists to serve mothers who are in the season of pregnancy and within that first year of recovery, during which time the body is rapidly changing. Having support from a professional who understands the best movements and practices for optimal mind, body and spirit during this phase is not only something you would enjoy, but that you deserve. 

We offer three types of services- Personal Fitness Training, Wellness Coaching and Group Exercise Classes- all of which are available in person or virtually.

No matter which service I offer, my clients develop a bond of trust in a setting where honest support is given and felt. You will feel stronger, calmer and more energized. I do not believe that getting back to a pre-pregnancy body is a healthy goal. Your body and life changes the moment you become pregnant and embracing the truth that your pregnant and postpartum body is incredible in its transformation….that’s what I help my clients to believe and feel.

Wellness Coaching

Partner together with Brooke to create a wellness vision based on your current season of life- for example, preparing to return to work and juggling your job, breastfeeding, being a mom, maintaining a healthy relationship with your spouse, all the while trying to sneak in some time for yourself each day in a way that helps you to feel better (and more sane!). Using a strengths based approach,  coaching sessions will help you feel like you’ve got this! Learn to simplify your goals and have grace for yourself while at the same time knowing that you have a coach who cares about you and holds you accountable to your goals

Personal Training

Learn which exercises are most helpful for strengthening your deep core and pelvic floor. This is important if you’d like to reduce back pain and not pee your pants from a little sneeze or impact exercise. 

Work your full body through strength training, stretching and myofascial release techniques.

Improve your posture and do corrective exercises that address the misalignments that naturally happen because of breastfeeding, pumping, weight gain/loss, holding baby, etc. 

Receive guidance for what exercises to do by yourself when not working with Brooke. 

Develop an exercise routine that fits your lifestyle, abilities, needs and access to fitness equipment.

Unless you have been told by your physician that you have a condition where exercise would be contraindicated, know that exercise will benefit you AND your baby in countless ways. If you listen to your body and follow the instructions provided by Brooke based on years of experience and research, you will be so grateful that you prioritize exercise as part of your self-care plan.

Group Exercise

This is a service is offered in two ways: onDemand classes and in person with Brooke.  Brooke not only will lead by example to ensure proper form and technique, but she will offer fun choreography and sequences that are sure to keep you from getting bored. You never know what Brooke is going to offer to jazz up her classes both with fun exercises that feel good and with story telling. We are all in this motherhood journey together so that’s why Brooke shares joys and struggles and tips that help make life a little better. In person class opportunities are offered throughout the year, which are shared on social media, or please contact Brooke for info on offerings. 

As a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Wellness Coach and group exercise instructor, I am blessed to use these tools to inspire care-givers to care for themselves first. It is an honor and a privilege to spread my joy of movement, self-care, and not taking life too seriously to the masses. I would love to be a part of your journey as a mother who prioritizes daily self-care in a way that works best in your life. Whether it’s through 1:1 wellness coaching, personal training, group exercise classes or virtual programs, let’s get started on this journey together.

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