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How a Wellness Coach Can Help You Juggle It All as a Mother

I was about 10 weeks postpartum with my third child. I had done the “return to work” after maternity leave two times already, but for some reason, this time felt different. There was a different level of apprehension about being able to work full time, continue to breastfeed, and then come home and be the best mom (and wife) possible. My stomach felt unsettled which was my sign that I needed to talk to someone about this. I needed more than just a chit chat with a girlfriend. However, I knew that what I was feeling was normal and not to the level of needing to reach out to a therapist. 

What I needed was a session with my wellness coach! 

I contacted “Coach Cami.” We met over the phone while I walked laps around the school where my daughter was doing gymnastics class. My baby was comfortably being carried by me in the Ergo Baby. Talk about multi-tasking!  This was intentional, actually, because my brain works better when I am moving. 

That’s the beauty of wellness coaching- your coach will meet you right where you are at!

Cami asked me powerful questions which helped me to think more deeply and explore where these feelings were coming from. She helped me to realize my strengths and how I would be able to use them as I navigated a new transition. When we ended our conversation, my feelings were validated. At the same time, she encouraged me to move forward and connect with my resources and strengths in order to flourish as a full-time working mom of three. 

I cannot tell you how helpful and impactful that one conversation was for me. 

There have been other coaching conversations that Cami and I have had that have given me profound results as well. As a wellness coach myself, I have really enjoyed being a part of coaching conversations where clients reach these “a-ha” moments which really are catalysts for lasting positive changes.

The thing that I like best and least about wellness coaching all at the same time is autonomy which is in one way, defined as self-directing freedom. 

Let’s admit it, we sometimes don’t have the energy to figure out what the best plan is for ourselves, especially if we are worn out and overwhelmed. We would rather have someone provide us with instructions to follow. In a wellness coaching relationship, no instructions are provided.

Autonomy in a coaching relationship is about having the freedom to create your course in partnership with someone skilled in making sure your course makes sense. However, this takes time and effort. 

When I think about my husband as a basketball coach and me as a wellness coach- they have the same “coach” title. However, the methods we use to support people are completely different. An athletic coach uses certain programs/systems/playbooks/guiding principles to lead their team for intended results of victory in the sport and in life.  If athletes don’t want to follow this, then they will likely not be able to be on the team. 

Health and wellness coaches, on the other hand, are skilled with asking powerful questions, listening well, and reflecting back to clients in a way that inspires clients to ultimately design their paths forward. We do not hand out prescriptions or a program to follow. We work together with our clients in a way that honors their autonomy while at the same time providing feedback on strategies that best support their wellbeing during the season of life they are in. 

Coaches are perhaps thought of as people who tell their clients what to do to get the results they seek- kind of how a coach tells their team what to do.  However, outside of the athletics arena, this method doesn’t always work so well.

Think of a few instances when you have told your children what to do- for instance, to clean up their room or do their chores. How enthusiastic are they to stop what they are doing the instant you ask them and do as they are told? Well, at least my kids aren’t too excited. 

What if we took the same situation and allowed our kids to have some input and contribute to the plan for how to achieve the same goal of doing their chores and cleaning their rooms at the time and pace that works well for them? With more autonomy towards creating a plan in order to work towards a goal, children and adults are more empowered.

They take more ownership of the success and failure because they are more responsible for executing their plan. 

Ideally,  kids receive a balance of being taught the exact way of doing things and being given the freedom to problem-solve on their own. We can find this balance as well when designing health and well-being goals and strategies.

A wellness coach can be considered an expert in their field, but they know just the right amount and timing for contributing their expertise during a coaching relationship. People ask me questions all the time specifically on the topic of exercise during coaching sessions. Usually, I do not answer the question until I have responded with a few more questions that help me to understand more about the current circumstances of my client.

And the beautiful thing is that in the space I give my clients to contemplate these questions, they often have newfound realizations that help them to get unstuck and uplifted. 

So why would you benefit from having a relationship with a wellness coach? 

There are so many reasons, but to put it simply, if you would like support for living your life with optimal health and well-being for your circumstances, a coach would make a great partner. Not only is the accountability so helpful, but having a neutral source of support in a confidential, open conversation is game changer.

As a mother, you work so hard to find harmony in all the roles you serve each day. Taking the time to create a customized well-being plan to follow that supports your goals and realities, makes so much sense, right?

Whether it’s through a wellness coaching program sponsored by  your employer or through finding a certified coach through your network, I strongly encourage you to engage with a wellness coach. I am so grateful to have Coach Cami in my life, and hopefully you can find someone who connects well with you as well!

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