The Five Best Medicines with Only Positive Side Effects

One of the things I like best about working at a hospital is that we have therapy dogs available for our patients, visitors and staff. I love when I see them in the halls and can get my dog fix at work!

A few years ago, our dog Rookie (who is in the photo above) had surgery to remove a sarcoma from her front, right paw. Since I was working the day of her surgery, I wasn’t sure of what time her actual surgery was.  I just knew that my husband dropped her off around 8am, and we were going to pick her up that evening. I was very nervous about this surgery and wished I could have been there with her.

At 11 a.m., I started to exit out the doors of my work area into the corridor. The miraculous thing is that I had no reason to do this.  I had nowhere to go, but I just felt like I needed to get up and go to the hall. Right as I was walking out the door, one of our golden retriever volunteers, Jackson, and his owner, Ira, were walking by. I stopped them and said, “Can I please pet your dog. I really need this right now.” Jackson just put his head into my chest and let me cry. Ira listened as I told him about Rookie, and he made me feel so much better.

Later that day when I picked up Rookie, I asked what time exactly Rookie went in for surgery, and they said at noon. My faith was totally affirmed that day is all I can say! Rookie and Jackson are now in doggy heaven chasing as many tennis balls as they can while loyally serving others. Pets are one of the best therapies, if you ask me.

Anyway, what I am trying to get at is that in a time where it seems as though the costs of things are rising faster than we can afford, especially in the realm of pharmaceuticals, it is important to step back and evaluate how we are living. Do you want to feel your best? Do you want to thrive and wake up in the morning with plenty of energy, a positive mindset, and a body that can move freely without aches and pains?

While traditional medicines have a place in our health and well-being, I believe that there are other forms of “medicine” that can produce even greater results WITHOUT negative side effects. For example, if you use food as medicine, you get all these great side effects such as more energy, weight loss, feeling better about yourself, better mental health, and the list goes on! My dad went off his high dose of arthritis medication after just 11 months of following a anti-inflammatory healthy eating plan. He truly inspires me and continues to follow his plan, for the most part, after more than ten years since beginning. 

Think about your top five forms of medicine that help you to feel stronger and more energetic, that minimize the symptoms of whatever condition you might be facing, and that give you overall better health.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

How can I implement these into my life more?

What good would come from having more of these forms of medicines?

What are my next steps to make a plan and put it into action? 

It’s time that society realizes there are no quick fixes without consequences in the future.  Everything worth having takes effort, but we can find enjoyment in this journey. I am so passionate about helping people discover the joy of movement, how good it feels to eat whole foods as much as realistically possible, how laughing more is not only fun but necessary, how making sleep a priority provides more benefits than we realize and how a pet’s loyalty can be the best mood booster. 

What are your top five non-traditional medicines?

Are you ready to stock up on them?

 Since exercise is one of the best medicines and since many parents have full schedules where long workouts are not a priority, I have been inspired to create Fit Mom Moment Videos. These are two to seven minutes in length, and are meant to be done as many times in an any combination that serves people in any given moment.

Many of the moments are inspired by songs that I love and have powerful, mood-boosting messages. Move along with me in this featured video where I blend yoga and Pilates movements to enhance strength, flexibility, balance and even the cardiovascular system. This treat for your mind, body, and spirit is on me. Thanks for giving it a try and for subscribing to my channel so that you are the first to know about the new videos posted each week.