Benefits of exercise

The Bra Story- And How Exercise Gives Unintended Benefits

Have you ever started doing something for a particular reason and then during the process, you realized that this thing had given you an unintended benefit? 

Here is one of my favorite stories that gives a great example of this.

In 2009 I was leading an exercise class at a community center. One day, one of my regular attendees came up to me after class with great excitement. She told me that since attending my Mind-Body-Sole class regularly, she was finally able to fasten her bra in the back. I was both excited and puzzled by this comment.  I asked her how she usually put on her bra. She said for a long time she had been fastening the buckle of her bra in the front and then shifting it around to the back and putting her arms through the straps. Huh? She further explained that her shoulders were so tight that there was no way she could reach her hands around to her back in order to fasten the buckle of her bra so for many years she did the fasten and shift method. This is very common for women, I have since learned.

While I was so happy that exercise had made functioning in life easier for this lady, situations like this make me sad, frustrated, and curious. Sometimes, instead of working to improve a component of our health/fitness/lifestyle, people would rather make adaptations that essentially enable the problem to persist. Instead of getting down to the root cause of the issue, we put bandaids on the problem.

 I don’t think that is okay, and it is exactly why I decided to go into the field of fitness and wellness, my friends!

We all deserve to feel our best, but that comes with some hard work and determination.

I was so proud of this lady, for deciding that she wanted to take charge of her health through showing up consistently to an exercise class. And guess what- she was rewarded with a very unique unintended benefit!

That is the amazing thing about exercise. We get started for one, two, maybe three reasons, and if we are mindful along the journey, we will notice so many additional, often unintended benefits

Think about yourself in the past or present when you decided to get more serious about exercising consistently. What was the main reason(s) for this commitment? Now think about that journey, and try to recall any additional benefits that you noticed. Was it instant mood boosts?…or better digestion?…increased stamina?…better sleep?…greater ease with daily tasks?…easier delivery of a baby? Whatever it might be, I am confident that mothers who engage in a healthy exercise routine have noticed these unintended benefits of exercise. 

Let me just make this clear…deciding to commit about 30 minutes a day to self-care, and specifically exercise, is definitely worth it.

I’ve never heard anyone say they’ve regretted their decision to exercise:) Just recently, a client of mine validated her decision to keep letting me show up at her house for personal training sessions. While on a recent vacation, she saw a woman struggling in the ocean because a wave knocked her over in knee high water. Her physical condition made it very difficult to stand back up. In this situation, safety was threatened and this person went through pain while she was supposed to be having an enjoyable vacation.

By deciding to exercise, you are investing in becoming stronger so that you can be safer and with less pain. You are investing in increasing your confidence in your body’s appearance and ability to do tough things. 

At the end of the day, I encourage you to find what makes you want to start or continue a journey with an exercise routine that is right for you.

Then do it, and never look back!


You deserve it, and so do your kiddos who receive the unintended benefit of a mama who is happy about getting some self-care time. Win-Win!

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As I always say, exercise should be an experience that you enjoy and that feels like a gift you are giving your mind, body, and spirit. I would be honored if you’d considering joining this community

Thank you for taking time for self-care so that you can give your best to others. Mothers….let stick together and notice all those unintended benefits of exercise.